Centrifugal pumps are used in most industries: shipbuilding, chemical, pharmaceutical (preparation of active substances), food industry(stages of washing fruits and vegetables, moving, and vacuum thickening), distillation, purification, textile and tanning industry and other applications that include pumping (solids substances in suspension, the products difficult to move, etc.).

Multistage pumps are used in the media pumping which do not have abrasive properties and they are used for the media which do not react with the pump materials. As well as used in water supply systems, high-pressure systems, irrigation systems, cooling and heating systems, in fire fighting, to power boilers and for pumping compressed materials.

Vertical pumps are used for pumping clean or slightly polluted liquid, they are also designed for pumping hot useful water. Applications: Vertical pumps are widely used in the shipbuilding industry, they are used for fresh and sea water pumping as well as pollutants pumping.

Gear pumps are characterized by a simple and compact construction and high operational stability. The principle of operation is two gear - wheels were placed in a sealed housing. The first wheel is an active wheel (powering), which drives the wheel passive (powered). In time when toothed wheels are getting out of mesh they form vacuum in gaps between teeth, where the liquid from the suction channel is sucked. Gaps between teeth which are filled with liquid move around the perimeter of the area where the teeth of cooperative wheels dislodge the liquid to the pumping channel. Gear pumps are used on industry and hydraulics.

Screw pump is a kind of positive displacement pump in which transport of liquid is forced by the rotation of screw worm. Fluid which is closed in the spaces between the worm and the pump main body is moved from side to side to the compression side. Screw pumps have very good properties of self-priming and can transfer a liquid with very high viscosity and density. Screw pumps can be found in all industries, even the most demanding applications.